What a difference a year makes! With the introduction and implementation of vaccines, we have started thinking about a future where the maelstrom of COVID-19 will no longer be the dominant medical and public health issue. In its wake, the long-term complications of COVID-19 and the future of vaccines are important medical issues. COVID-19 has exposed larger underlying problems such as discrimination against the AAPI community and health care workers of Asian descent, gaps in the local and national public health systems, and unaddressed social determinants of health. These challenges are changing the conditions under which we work and practice and have become the arena where medical societies have a new role in shaping the future. The 2021 CAMS Conference provides learning opportunities for COVID-related as well as non-COVID-related topics. The scope of the conference ranges from improving individual practice to research in Chinese American patients to encompassing medical groups, medical societies, and the future of medicine. We aim to offer a conference to address how medical professionals and medical societies treating Chinese and other Asian communities can contribute to new paradigms of care for their patients, their communities, strengthen their groups and profession, and society at large.


  • Summarize the natural history of COVID-19 with attention to long COVID-19 and breakthrough infections

  • Describe how social determinants and government initiatives influence the delivery of medical care and health of communities


  • Compare and contrast the signs and symptoms between acute and long COVID-19
  • Describe the gaps in health care that affect the greater AAPI community


  • Plan how medical societies can respond to social and public health conditions that adversely affect health of Asian American communities
  • Strategize how medical societies can build on existing strengths, develop in the future, not only survive, but THRIVE!

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