The Chinese American Medical Society (CAMS) is a non-profit, charitable, educational, and scientific organization committed to education and community service.  Established in 1964, it is the oldest and now one of the largest and most successful national Chinese American medical societies in North America with regional chapters in Boston and Albany and over 1,300 members.   The officers and the trustees of the governing board are made of up leading physicians in the New York metropolitan area who volunteer their services to CAMS.  

Our Mission

It is the mission of CAMS to improve the health status of Chinese Americans and to promote excellence in health care for all through the mobilization of health care professionals.

The purposes & objectives of the Society are as follows:

1. To eliminate health disparities of Chinese Americans and other underserved populations.
2. To advance medical knowledge through education, scientific research, scholarship, and philanthropy with emphasis on aspects unique to Chinese Americans.
3. To promote the association of and to advocate for medical professionals of Chinese descent and others devoted to like purposes.

2019 CAMS Board of Directors

Mary Lee-Wong, MD

Yick Moon Lee, MD
Vice President
Victor T. Chang, MD
Perry Pong, MD 
Warren W. Chin, MD
Executive Director
Paul C. Lee, MD, MPH李展輝Immediate Past President

Steven Cai, MD 蔡 亦 聰

Richard Chan, MD陳明明

Shan-Chin (Winson) Chen, MD

Benjamin Lee, MD
Wenhui Li, PhD
Ning Lin, MD 林宁 
Calvin Lo, MD 羅 明 威 

Cynthia Pan, MD 潘欣心

Stanley Yang, MD 楊師典

Peggy Sheng
沈 卉
David T.W. Chiu, MD趙德威President Emeritus, CAMS Historian
Sun-hoo Foo, MD符傅孝Board of Director Emeritus
Hsueh-Hwa Wang, MD
Executive Director Emeritus

Mabel Cheng, MD 程孟葆 
Capital District Chapter President
Qing-Mei Wang, MD    Greater Boston Chapter President

Grace Chang, Mark Chang & Samantha Ho  Student Representatives (ATSU) 
Justin Young  Student Representative (Columbia) 
Sarah Schrader, Anna Cai, Kevin Chang Student Representatives (Cornell)
Joanne Ling & Garrett Ng  Student Representatives (CUNY School of Medicine) 
Allen Zheng, Dong-han Yao, Jessica Tan, Selena Zhou, & William Su   Student Representatives (Mt. Sinai) 
Diana Cheung, Jenny Leung, & Karen HuangStudent Representative (NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine)
John WangStudent Representative (NYU)
Boey Li, George Mo, Lucy Tan, Michael Chen, & Richie Chen
Student Representative (SUNY Downstate)
Bianca Ho, Delia Shen, & Jack Liu
Student Representative (Albert Einstein)
Jamie Love 司徒美兒 Administrator
Joanna Li 李嘉汶 Administrative Assistant 

Chinese American Medical Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 11 East Broadway, Suite 4C, New York, NY 10038

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