CAMS-CAIPA Community Service Fund


CAMS-CAIPA Community Service Fund ("CSC") is designed to enhance the health and well-being of the Chinese living in the New York City.  The Fund is mainly sponsored by members of the Coalition of Asian-American Independent Practice Association ("CAIPA") and administered by the CAMS-CAIPA Community Service Committee.  The Fund is intended to encourage the development and improvement of existing, culturally competent, community-oriented service programs, research and educational projects.  Grantees shall participate in activities directly benefiting the New York Chinese population, and they will be required to track data to permit evaluation of the projects funded by the Committee. The Fund also supports local organizations in their annual fundraising efforts. 



The Fund supports local organization in their annual fundraising efforts as well as community-based events such as Health Fairs and Blood Drives. Community Event & Fundraising Support requests require a minimum of 1 month prior to the event in order to be considered for support by the Community Service Fund Committee. Full event & support information should be emailed to


The CAMS-CAIPA Community Service Fund Committee reviews grants twice a year. Applications must be submitted by grant review deadlines are March 31st for the Spring Review and September 30th for the Fall Review. Grant applications must be received in full by close of business. 


    Applicants should clearly describe their program and will be evaluated with special attention to the following criteria:

    • Organizational mission and alignment of model program with that of CSC's goals.
    • Community-based nature of the organization.
    • Population being or to be served and their need for service.
    • Significance of the problem to be addressed in accordance with CSC's goals and objectives.
    • Unique nature of the program or service in addressing problems of the target population through a culturally sensitive approach.
    • Clearly defined objectives and approach for actual or proposed programs. 
    • Quality of evaluation for actual or expected outcomes.
    • Organization's track record, fiscal integrity, strength in governance and management, and responsiveness.
    • Demonstrated support of partners and other local entities, with structures to ensure equability among collaborator.
    • Approach to meaningful community involvement.


    A candidate organization(s) must:
    • Complete and submit the online Summary of Request
    • Complete a formal written application.
    • Submit a line-itemed budget with the application.
    • Organization must have a strong track record of service to the Chinese community in the New York area.
    • Applications must be typed, double spaced, with no less than 11-point type on one side of 8.5" x 11" paper.
    • The name of the applicant must appear at the top of each page of the application narrative.
    • Submissions must be send to:  CAMS-CAIPA Community Service Committee, 11 East Broadway, Suite 4C, New York, NY 10038
    1. Summary of Request (Must be completed and submitted online)
    2. Cover Letter from President or Executive Director of Organization
    3. Application Narrative
      The application narrative should include the following:
      • Organizational Background
      • Statement of Need
      • Program Description
      • Goals and Objectives
      • Activities Timeline
      • Evaluation
      • Staff and Organizational Information

      4. Letters of support for collaborations, in-kind and matching financial commitments from other organizations.

      5. List of members of the Board of Directors with name, office titles, business affiliation, business title, years of service, and terms of appointment.

      6. Example of current relevant newspaper/magazine articles or reviews, if available

      7. Copy of most recent IRS tax exempt status, if applicable.


        Please contact email us at or (212) 334-4760 if you have an questions regarding submitting a grant application.


        Chinese American Medical Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 11 East Broadway, Suite 4C, New York, NY 10038

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