This fund was started in July 1997 with a donation from the David M. C. Ju Foundation, in memory of the late Dr. Ju, the president in 1968. It was later augmented with funds from the Society. The object of the fund is to promote studies for improving the health of Chinese Americans, including clinical studies, basic science studies, and community-based research project leading to the creation of clinical data bases.

Some of these were in the form of summer research fellowships while others were year-round grants. Those in the latter group, given in years 2000 and 2001, include the following:

  • The mechanism of action of an herbal anti-cancer drugs.
  • The relationship of genetic make-up of Chinese children to their response to anti-allergic drugs.
  • The characteristics of stroke in Chinese patients.

The Summer Research Fellowships, given to medical and dental students, were started in 2000. Each student is to have a sponsor who will supervise the work and will support the work in his/her laboratory. In turn, the Society provided the student a weekly stipend for up to 8 weeks. A written report is expected at the completion of the project in addition to an abstract submission for the CAMS Annual Scientific Conference and a poster presentation or oral presentation at Annual Conference. 

Today the expectations are still the same however up to 4 projects can be awarded each year. The highest award amount possible is $5,000. 

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