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Tuesday March 30, 2021- CAMS Research Seminar

PRESENTATION: Estimating the Infection-Fatality RIsk of SARS-CoV-2 in New York During the Spring 2020 Pandemic Wave: A Model-Based Analysis

TIME: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM ET

SPEAKER: Wan Yang, PhD

Assistant Professor


Mailman School of Public Health

Columbia University

Tuesday February 2, 2021- CAMS Research Seminar

PRESENTATION: Lung Cancer in Asian Never Smokers: Exploring Screening in a High Risk Population

TIME: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

SPEAKER: Elaine Shum, MD

Assistant Professor

Perlmutter Cancer Center

NYU Langone Health

DESCRIPTION: Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Asian Americans and unfortunately the majority are diagnosed at advanced or late stage lung cancers. It has been reported that about 32% of Asians who have lung cancer do not smoke. However, lung cancer screening has been focused on high risk populations that include current smokers or former smokers with at least a 30 pack year smoking history. As a result, the use of lung cancer screening in nonsmokers have only been explored in limited studies. The New York Female Asian Nonsmoker Screening Study (NYFANSS) is a study to develop a database and biorepository of Asian female never smokers residing in New York who undergo a low-dose CT (LDCT) scan for lung cancer screening. This presentation will discuss the entity of lung cancer in never smokers and information on how to enroll prospective subjects to this study in the New York area.

Thursday December 15, 2020- CAMS Journal Club Presentation

ARTICLE: Attitudes Beliefs Towards Advance Care Planning Among Underserved Chinese-American Immigrants

AUTHORS: L. Dhingra, W.Cheung, B.Breuer, P. Huang, K. Lam, J. Chen, X. Zhou, V. Chang, T. Chui, S. Hicks, R. Portenoy

TIME: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

SPEAKER: Lara Dhingra, PhD

Director of Health Disparities and Research

MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care, New York, NY

Associate Professor, Department of Family and Social Medicine

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY


Thursday September 15, 2020- CAMS Research Seminar

PRESENTATION: Strategies to Address Lung Cancer Risk & Improve Screening Uptake Among Chinese Taxi Drivers

TIME: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

SPEAKER: Jennifer Leng, MD, MPH

Associate Attending Physician

Director of Research Development

Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities (IHCD) Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

DESCRIPTION: Dr. Jennifer Leng will discuss Chinese taxi drivers' uniquely high lung cancer risk due to high smoking prevalence and occupational exposures. The development and implementation of a Community Health Worker model to educate drivers about lung cancer risk and screening, smoking cessation, and to facilitate uptake of lung cancer screening will be described, including preliminary results.

Thursday July 23, 2020- CAMS Journal Club Presentation

ARTICLE: Preliminary Estimate of Excess Mortality During the COVID-19 Outbreak - New York City, March 11-May 2, 2020

AUTHORS: Donald R. Olson, DOHMH; Mary Huynh, DOHMH; Annie Fine, DOHMH; Jennifer Baumgartner, DOHMH; Alejandro Castro, DOHMH; Hiu Tai Chan, DOHMH; Demetre Daskalakis, DOHMH; Katelynn Devinney, DOHMH; Kevin Guerra, DOHMH; Scott Harper, DOHMH, CDC; Joseph Kennedy, DOHMH; Kevin Konty, DOHMH; Wenhui Li, DOHMH; Emily McGibbon, DOHMH; Jaimie Shaff, DOHMH; Corinne Thompson, DOHMH; Neil M. Vora, DOHMH CDC;; Gretchen Van Wye, DOHMH


Senior Research Scientist, Bureau of Equitable Health Systems, Center for Health Equity and Community Wellness, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene


February 25, 2020- CAMS Journal Club Presentation

ARTICLE: Clinical Characteristics of 138 Hospitalized Patients With 2019 Novel Coronavirus–Infected Pneumonia in Wuhan, China

AUTHORS: Dawei Wang, MD; Bo Hu, MD; Chang Hu, MD; Fangfang Zhu, MD; Xing Liu, MD; Jing Zhang, MD; Binbin Wang, MD; Hui Xiang, MD; Zhenshun Cheng, MD; Yong Xiong, MD; Yan Zhao, MD; Yirong Li, MD; Xinghuan Wang, MD; Zhiyong Peng, MD


Attending Physician in ID Division, Maimonides Medical Center

Clinical Assistant Professor, SUNY Downstate


MD Candidate, Albert Einstein College of Medicine


January 8, 2020- CAMS Journal Club Presentation

ARTICLE: Disparities in Hepatitis B Virus Infection and Immunity Among New York City Asian American Patients, 1997 to 2017

AUTHORS: Amy S. Tang, MD, Janice Lyu, MS, Su Wang, MD, MPH, Qingqing He, MPH, Perry Pong, MD, and Aaron M. Harris, MD, MPH


Senior Hepatitis B Program Associate

Charles B. Wang Community Health Center


Associate Professor of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine

Director of Transplant Hepatology

Associate Director of Hepatology

Director of NYU Langone Asian Liver Health Program

Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Department of Medicine

NYU Langone Health


December 18, 2019- CAMS Journal Club Presentation

ARTICLE: CAMS Research Committee Presents: Smoking and Cessation Behaviors Among Chinese-Speaking Adults in New York City

SPEAKER: John Jasek, MPA

Acting Director of Research and Evaluation

Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene


June 19, 2019 - CAMS Journal Club Presentation

ARTICLE: Association of Daily Aspirin Therapy With Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B

AUTHORS: Teng-Yu Lee, MD, MBA, PhD; Yao-Chun Hsu, MD, PhD; Hsiao-Ching Tseng, MBA; et al.


Attending, Hematology/Oncology

VA New Jersey Health Care System

Professor of Medicine

Rutgers- New Jersey School of Medicine


MD Candidate, CUNY School of Medicine


April 17, 2019 - CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: Novel Cancer Research Trials at NYU Langone Health

SPEAKER: Kwok-Kin Wong, MD, PhD

Anna Murnick Cogan and David H. Cogen Professor of Oncology

Department of Medicine

Director, Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology

NYU Langone Health

September 18, 2018 - CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: Are We Healthier? -Chinese Community Stroke Studies and 2015 SPARCS Data

SPEAKER: Sun-Hoo Foo, MD
Clinical Professor of Neurology
NYU School of Medicine

SUMMARY: Past stroke studies of the Manhattan Chinese community will be reviewed. Data from the latest 2015 Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS) were extracted in an attempt to examine stroke incidence, and subtypes from CAIPA’s Chinese patient populations in several hospitals.Hopefully, this exercise will show what health information can be extracted from public records, and how it can be used to benefit our patients. It may give us an insight as to which CAIPA data is useful, what we should focus on, and what can be expected from our own data set. The critical question is how to define health, and whether our community is underserved, or is healthier despite the lack of official attention.

June 12, 2018 - CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: The Charles B. Wang Community Health Center Research Program: Challenges and Opportunities

SPEAKER: Naumi Feldman, DrPH
Director of Research and Evaluation
Charles B. Wang Community Health Center

SUMMARY: An overview of CBWCHC’s research program, including highlights from several current research projects. Let’s discuss some of the challenges and opportunities associated with doing community-based research.

April 24, 2018 - CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: Recent Advances in Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Malignancy

SPEAKER: Songchuan Guo, MD, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
NYU School of Medicine
Attending Physician in Hematology/Oncology
NYU Langone Medical Center

SUMMARY: Immunotherapy has revolutionized the cancer treatment because of its remarkable clinical profile in multiple cancers. This presentation will focus on recent advances of immunotherapy for GI malignancy, including newly approved immunotherapy agents and ongoing clinical trials.

March 27, 2018 - CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: Human microbiota, diet and lifestyle factors, and risk of oro-digestive cancers.

SPEAKER: Jiyoung Ahn, PhD , RD
Associate Director of Population Science, NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center
Associate Professor of Population Health (Epidemiology), NYU School of Medicine

SUMMARY: Human body hosts thousands of microbiota, so called ‘human microbiome’. You will learn about how the microbiome influences on cancer development, and whether diet and lifestyle factors could modulate the microbiome.

February 27, 2018 - CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: Public Health Approach to Hepatitis B in New York City


Ann Winters, MD
Medical Director, Viral Hepatitis Program
Bureau of Communicable Disease
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Angelica Bocour, MPH
Director, Viral Hepatitis Surveillance
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

October 4, 2017- CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: Diabetes Prevalence and Management in the New York Chinese Community

SPEAKER: George Liu, MD, PhD

President, CEO and CMO of the Coalition of Asian-American IPA, Inc. (CAIPA)

Chairman of the Asian American Accountable Care Organization (AAACO) Boards

May 30, 2017- CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: Health Disparities in Early Life Exposure to Environmental Toxicants & Psychosocial Stressors: An Emerging Need for Pregnancy & Child Cohort Development in Asian Americans and Immigrants

SPEAKER: Yueh-Hsiu Mathilda Chiu, ScD

Director, NY/NJ NIOSH-ERC (Education & Research Center) Pilot Projects Training Program

Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Medicine & Public Health

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

SUMMARY: Maternal prenatal exposure and early childhood exposure to environmental and psychosocial factors may play an important role in early life health disparities, including cardiopulmonary, neurodevelopmental and birth outcomes. It is essential to develop a structured research cohort to investigate the complex synergistic effects of multi-level environment, including physical toxicants, psychosocial stressors, cultural factors, occupational exposures, and epigenetic variants. To date, very few studies in the U.S. have focused on Asian Americans or immigrants even though this is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the past decades in the U.S. with documented health disparities and differential exposure to chemicals and stress; further, none have focused on prenatal exposures and early childhood development. Thus, expanding environmental disparities research to this demographic will have significant public health impact.

April 4, 2017- CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: Positive Minds-Strong Bodies: Building Community Capacity for Disability Prevention for Minority Elders

SPEAKER: Chau Trinh-Shevrin, DrPH

Associate Professor in the Department of Population Health and Medicine a

NYU School of Medicine

SUMARY: Chinese elders represent a rapidly increasing segment of an aging U.S. population, with less access to mental health care, suffering significant disparities in access and quality care, and augmented risk for disability. Fresh approaches are needed that move services into the community to meet potential elder needs in a culturally and linguistically competent environment that is inherently embedded in the client’s neighborhood. To address these disparities and prevent disability among Chinese elders, the Positive Minds- Strong Bodies study examines how to successfully build collaborative research for the provision of evidence-based mental health and disability prevention treatments in community-based organizations (CBOs) that serve Chinese elderly clients. This presentation will provide an overview of the mental health burden in Chinese, gaps in mental health services, preliminary data on the study population, a description of study aims, details of the multi-level intervention, and process for referring Chinese patients.

February 22, 2017- CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: Measuring the Health of NYC Residents: NYC HANES and Other Innovative Measurement Approaches

SPEAKER: Lorna Thorpe, PhD, MPH

Director of the Division of Epidemiology

Vice Chair for Strategy and Planning

Department of Population Health

NYU School of Medicine

September 13, 2016 - CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: American Chinese Population and Mortality in NYC

SPEAKER: Wenhui Li, PhD

Director, Statistical Analysis and Reporting, Vital Statistics/Vital Records

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

SUMMARY: A research seminar on American Chinese population and mortality in New York City. We discussed some comparisons between US and NYC Chinese population, between NH whites and Chinese, leading causes of death, etc. 

June 15, 2016 - CAMS Research Committee Presentation

PRESENTATION: Obesity Disparities in Asian American Population 

SPEAKER: Stella Yi, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor at the NYU School of Medicine

Department of Population Health

April 13, 2016 - CAMS Research Committee Presentation

Presentation: Introduction to Public Health Surveillance
SPEAKER: Vivian Huang, MD, MPH

Director of Adult Immunization

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

SUMMARY: Dr. Huang gave a 45 minute introductory presentation on national open surveillance systems such as those conducted by the CDC, New York Department of Health.

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