The 2020 Scholarship Deadline is: MARCH 31, 2020 11:59 PM EST 

Please send all applications and supporting documents by email! The CAMS office location is temporarily closed and cannot accept mailed documents.

Download the 2020 Application here:  Excel File | PDF File


In the early 1970's the Chinese American Medical Society went to considerable lengths to provide scholarships to outstanding medical students in need of financial assistance. Throughout the years, funding for the scholarship program have come from generous donations from the CAMS membership and friends of CAMS. 

Beginning in 1973, an average of 3 to 5 students were selected annually among a pool of applicants to be awarded scholarships of $1,000 each. In 1989, the family of the late Dr. Esther Lim created a scholarship in her memory, and in 1996, Dr. George Liu funded a scholarship in memory of his late wife, Ruth Ru-yin Liu. In 2013, the Jeng Family Fund Scholarship was established by Drs. Dai-Yun, Miji, and Christina A. Jeng to support medical students with financial hardships.  A total of 227 scholarships have been awarded from 1973-2019. The recipients, future young physicians and dentists, are now practicing in many locations, and many are on the faculty of medical schools. The Society has been successful in continuing the program, which is sustained by its Educational Fund and 2 remaining named scholarships (Jeng Family Fund Scholarship and the Ruth Liu Memorial Scholarship). Recipients will receive a one-time scholarship in the amount of $5000. 

The scholarship is open to all first, second and third year medical or dental students. Students must be in good standing at an accredited U.S. medical or dental school in the USA at the time of application. Students that have just been accepted into medical school or dental school at the time of application are not eligible to apply for this year's scholarship.

Applicants must be current or pending CAMS Student members to apply. The CAMS membership application can be found on our website at

All supporting documents submitted directly from the applicant should be typed single spaced in Times New Roman Font Size 12. Page Margins should be 1” for top, bottom, left, and right margins. Please do not use page borders or text boxes.
The deadline to submit your application and all supplemental materials is MARCH 31, 2020, 
11:59 PM EST.

Email is the preferred method of submission for applications. The committee asks that all applications and supporting materials be sent as a single PDF file and emailed to
Please include your full name and CAMS Scholarship 2020 in the subject line of your email when submitting the application. 
The file name for your application should be: 
Your Last Name, Your First Name CAMS Scholarship2020.pdf

Any supplemental documents such as letters of recommendations that are to be sent separately by the recommenders should have the applicants name as part of the file name and in the subject line of the email.

The file name for all separate letters of recommendation should be submitted as follows:

Applicant's Last Name, Applicant's First Name LOR Author's Last Name

Please send all applications and supporting documents by email! The CAMS office location is temporarily closed and cannot accept mailed documents.

Please send your application and supporting materials to:

Attn: Scholarship Committee
11 East Broadway, Suite 4C, New York, NY 10038


Supporting documents needed to complete application:

1. Completed and Signed Application Form

2. Applicant's Current Curriculum Vitae 

(Please be sure to include education, research activities if any, employment and extracurricular activities.  Credit will be given to those with research projects relating to health care of the Chinese.)
3. A Letter from the Dean of Student Verifying The Applicant is in Good Standing*
4. Two Letters of Recommendation*
*Please be advised that all letters of recommendation should be on official letterhead and accompanied by an actual signature. The letter can be scanned and emailed to us directly. All other formats will not be accepted. Letters will not be accepted without an actual signature.

Please also note that the Letter of Good Standing must be separate from the Letters of Recommendation and must be accompanied by an actual signature.

Optional: Financial Need Consideration Supplemental Application

Students who have extenuating financial circumstances and would like to apply for financial need consideration have the option to complete the Financial Need Supplemental Application. 

For applicants that would like to be considered for a Financial Need Scholarship, the following are also required:

1. The Applicant must complete the Financial Need portion of the Application Form in full.

2. A copy of the applicant's latest 1040 Tax Return. If the applicant is a dependent, a copy of the applicant's parent's 1040 Tax Return in required. If there is no 1040 Tax Return, the applicant must submit a written statement to the fact.

3. A letter from the applicant's Dean, Professor or Financial Aid Office supporting their claim for financial need.

4. A letter or official document from the financial aid office of the medical school stating the amount of scholarships, grants and loans the applicant received in 2018-2019.

Recipients may be asked to submit a short essay about yourself and the effect that the CAMS Scholarship has had on you to be submitted by September of the same year to be sent out to our membership as well as published in our annual journal to be shared with our donors and supporters.  

Scholarship recipients will be asked to periodically report back to the committee throughout their professional career. Periodic surveys will be sent out to recipients to from the committee where recipients can report their progress. 


Please note that all documents and instructions are included in the single file.

Tab 1: Instructions

Tab 2: Check List

Tab 3: Application

Tab 4: Financial Need Consideration Supplemental Application 

Excel File: CAMS Scholarship Application 2020.xlsx

PDF File: CAMS Scholarship Application 2020.pdf

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